Dual Battery System with Monitoring With Dual Battery System

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Performance Dual Battery Monitoring Kit and Dual Battery System

12volt Digital Volt Gauge Dual Battery Monitoring System and Dual Battery Smart Solenoid System

Don't miss out on this great deal combining these two fantastic products

you get the Dual Battery Monitoring Kit with digital display and  HD 12v 100amp Dual Battery System

Made In Australia


BATT-MO  12volt Dual Battery Monitoring System 
5m Cable
L - 155mm, W - 65mm, H - 40mm

Easy to install, the unit can be placed anywhere in the car with the supplied mounting tape or screws, another option is to place unit in the glove box out of sight. This unit gives you the ability to check voltage on both batteries in the comfort of your car. The advantage of this unique system allows you to check your exact readings digitally for both batteries to ensure that they are charging for your safety on long trips so you will never get stuck off the beaten track.


BATT-DB - 12v, 100amp, Dual Battery System 
1 x smart solenoid 100amp
5m of 2 B&S red cable
1/2m of 2 B&S black cable
51/2m of loom tube
2 x battery terminals
4 x lugs
4 x heat shrink
5 x cable ties
3 x screws

Easy to install, the electronic isolator does not require any changes to the vehicles existing wiring system. It can be fitted to all 12v vehicles with an auxiliary battery. The solenoid is priority charging, it charges the starting battery first and then will charge the auxiliary battery in parallel with the main. It has a manual override (optional, requires momentary switch) if the starting battery goes flat and the auxiliary battery is charged the solenoid allows the battery to jump start the vehicle.


Voltage 12v
Charging 100amp
Control electronic
Mounting surface, firewall
Connects auxiliary battery for charging when the main is at 13.5v
Disconnects auxiliary battery when the main is at 12.5v