Dual Battery System Extreme 130AH With Redarc BCDC1240LV Dc To Dc Charger

Extreme130 Red40lv
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Performance Portable Battery Pack

The volt gauge makes it easy to monitor the exact level of battery..

12v Power Pack 130amp hour, with jump leads and in car charging kit (6 year warranty on unit and 3 years on battery )

It has one AGM fully sealed 130amp hour battery in it and can be replaced if needed.

The performance battery range is made in Australian and is all handmade not mass produced

All are products are made and tested for Australian conditions

The Performance range is proudly South Australian made and owned. Each unit is hand made from start to finish to produce the best portable dual battery system.

Some new cars have ECU controlled variable voltage alternators.

These systems vary the alternator regulated voltage based on driving which change by both engine and electrical loads.

The BCDC1240LV operates buy ignition input switching the unit on and off



EXTREME 130 - 12v Power pack, 130amp hour with jump leads
BCDC1240LV REDARC DC TO DC CHARGER 7M of cable 8b&s 1 x 50 amp Anderson plug 1 x fuse holder with 50 amp fuse 3 x termales

130amp hour battery AGM
1000 CCA
4 outlets for accessories - 2 x cig socket and 2 x 2 pole HD sockets
175 amp jump start leads
Surge protected
Digital volts guage
Jump start 15L diesel
Run compressor fridge for up to five days
50 amp anderson plug for charging
2 x 10 amp manual reset circuit breaker on sockets
For use in all cars, 4 x 4's, caravans and camping
Can be moved from car to van etc to use for camping to run lights and fridge etc.
Optional caravan charging lead available please see our ebay store
6 year warranty on unit and 3 years on battery
weight is 37 kgs
H - 365mm, L - 370mm, W - 190mm

The Performance Portable Battery Back is built tuff to withstand off road use. It can be tide down in to place so it can’t be damaged or cause damage. The box is made of aluminium and the handles are made of steel. It has one AGM battery in the pack that can be replace when need.

The battery pack is used as a dual battery system for vehicles that cannot fit a dual battery system under the bonnet. This unit can be used to power up caravans, for camping to run lights, fridge and to jump start cars and trucks etc.

In Car Charging Kit:

DC to DC battery in is designed to correctly charge the battery regardless of battery size or type, it has the perfect charge voltages for all. By supplying a different charge voltage to all battery types the REDARC In car DC to DC Battery Charger is able to reach 100% and maintain the battery at 100% capacity



The battery is ONE AGM and completely sealed so it won’t leak acid or gases. It can be stored on its side while working. The battery can be put in a non ventilated area like in the back of a car or in a caravan etc. The battery can be charged by a 240v charger and can be charged in a car by the alternator. It can also be charged by solar. The battery can charge in as little time as 3-4 hours.