Car Charging Kit For Camper Trailer/ Caravan Compleat Kit With 6B&S Twin Cable

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Performance Car Charging Kit FOR CARAVAN/CAMPER TRAILER

HD Charging Kit with Smart Solenoid with 6B&S Twin Cable Mounting Kit ETC

Suitable for any 12volt vehicle For Charging Batterys In caravan Or camper trailers



BATT-CAR - 6B Charging Kit with Smart Solenoid with Cables (Solenoid 12v 100amp)
6 X Terminals
7 x Shrink wrap
50amp Self set circuit breaker
50amp Anderson plug style grey
6m of  6B&S Twin cable red black twin stranding 168/0.32, area mm14.0, gauge 6, amp rate 125amp
1 x Anderson plug Mounting kit 50 AMP

The unit is very easy to install with the supplied instructions and requires no changes to existing wiring. You can use it in your vehicle to charge your caravan batteries if you have a battery and Anderson plug fitted, or  you can have a dual battery system for your caravan or campier trailer. The safety of this unit is so you can charge your batteries while you drive and won't flatten your battery while you are stationary. (This unit will not flatten your main car battery) This unit is a priority charging unit and will charge your starting battery first before charging caravan or campier trailer.