600cca 18ah jump starter jump you bastard

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hese are Genuine JUMP YOU BASTARD . Beware of imitations !
Jump you bastard starter has a NEW model out the POWER VOLT. With a higher capacity battery whilst still remaining compact it has increased its run times of on electrical devices but more importantly It has the ability to Jump start all 12-volt Diesel and petrol vehicles up to and including a V8 Diesel!
For safety and security it has a built-in LED 3 function emergency flashlight, with strobe and SOS. Great for nighttime breakdowns and generally locating whatever you may need.
The Jump you bastard Starter has an industrial grade nano lithium polymer battery and will retain its charge from 6 to 12months. It can be charged in around 5 hours on either 240-volt household current or via a 12-volt car power outlet. The Mini Jump Starter is easy to use, just attach the jump start leads to your flat battery, connect and power the unit up and turn the key to start. It eliminates the need for bulky jumper leads or another car or having to call or wait for help. You can now do this all on your own. 
The jump you bastard starter comes with a molded carry case to house the unit and all its accessories and enables you to charge and run a large variety of electrical devices.  Perfect for those isolated areas away from power and a great  gift.

1 X  jump you bastard - 12v Power pack, 18amp 600cca
1 X  In car charging cord with cig plug
1 X 240v charger
1 x jump leads
1 x cig socket
1 x usb to phone chargers
1 x 12v cord with 8 different plugs


Fast charging with low self-discharge cycle
Charging cycles can reach more than 1,000 times
Reverse charge protection
Jump starts in extreme cold weather (-20C)
Up to 40 jump starts off one charge
600 cold cranking amps (cca)
3 function emergency flash light with Strobe and SOS signal
Dual USB ports to Recharge multiple devices IPhone, IPad etc
Power up a laptop, camp fridge, GPS, TV, DVD and more
Portable safety device capable of jumpstarting a broad range of vehicles
19v 3.5 output
12v 10amp output
A must have safety device for all vehicles
Security, never be stuck without power again
length 230mm
with 87mm
height 20mm
wight 0.54kg