15A TO 10A ADAPTOR 240V - FOR CARAVANS, RV'S Adapter RCD and Overload Protectio

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THE Power Adaptor 15A TO 10A 240V

Allows you to connect up to main power with ease and use all your caravan / motorhome 240v power so you will never get caught out with no connection to power.


1 x 10AMP TO 15AMP

Safely & Legally connect 15A RV to 10A domestic outlet
Circuit breaker trips when overloaded
Rated at 10A 2400w  
Overload protection 10A
Power input - Fly lead 10A
Power output - socket 15A
2 m fly-lead 
The Powertech incorporates two safety devices, one being earth leakage protection via a Residual Current Device (RCD) and the other an overload device.

An RCD is incorporated to protect users from electric shock through faulty devices. An RCD senses the smallest abnormality in the power being consumed by the device and switches off; its sole purpose is to save lives from electrocution.

The overload protection is what makes connecting a 15amp device to a 10amp standard powerpoint possible, as it protects the electrical circuit by switching off if the power being consumed is greater then the circuit's safe level of 10amps.